About US

Application Development

We understand that technology solutions must go beyond IT system development and address business process engineering to add lasting value to our Federal partners. Our approach considers the totality of the mission and the convergence of technology, people and process to fulfill strategic program objectives.

Raven Solutions has a long track record of engineering support for applications and services within the Federal space. Over the last decade our information systems have resulted in a measurable impact on business operations and streamlined management processes of entire programs.

A key benefit of Raven Solutions engineering approach is our focus on risk management. We address security requirements and threat modeling from project inception; eliminating typical cost overruns that occur from retrofitting security controls after development is complete.

Our Approach

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Discovery is the most important step of the process. It lays the groundwork for the project and beyond. After Discovery we know what we're building, who it's for and how we're going to do it.

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Information Architecture

Our final content structure is a product of intense collaboration with the strategy and design teams to produce a successful hierarchy of information.

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UX/UI Design

Designers and engineers come together to perfect and refine our wireframes so the user experience is king.

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A compelling design doesn't mean much if the website doesn't work. We treat development as an agile process that allows engineers to push boundaries while still maintaining the bigger picture.

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Testing & QA

Quality Assurance is a necessity on each project we do. Our teams make sure the code is tested on every browser and put through rigorous beta testing to ensure the end result meets our objectives.

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We perform a myriad of steps when deploying a website including having proper and scalable hosting, CMS training and necessary post-launch support.

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Demand Generation

Combining social media tactics with traditional marketing campaigns allows us to drive awareness to your new website.

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Ongoing Support

The web doesn't sit still and neither should your website. We offer flexible support agreements that cover performance optimization, server maintenance, bug fixes, technology upgrades, feature enhancements, and more.