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“What can a Content Management System do for our business?”
Your organization must have the means to maintain updated information on all your web-based products. You need fast and easy editing capability across all your messaging channels to be efficient. What determines if the task is easy or “way too hard” is determined by the CMS product you select.


Scalability, Flexibility, Easy to use


User-Friendly is a buzzword that a lot of vendors fling around. Whether or not the products are actually user-friendly is something you can determine by asking specific questions. How many hours of training will my team need to become nimble at editing our website? Ask vendors to describe the online or live support that’s available. If you’re told that the CMS product is likened to a techno achievement just short of the newest iPhone competitor, be wary. A good CMS product must be created for the lowest common denominator, not software engineers. Ask for a hands-on demo that engages your team members.


Smooth Integration Across Devices. Having the capability to update just your full computer website instead of having to cut, paste, and format separately for phones and tablets is a huge value. Many of the off-the-shelf CMS products can do a lot of it for you. Whether you need a truly customized product or a generic product that is configurable is something you need to determine before you select a product. If your outreach doesn’t extend to all channels now, eventually, it will. Plan for growth.


Optimized viewing across various platform browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is a feature to think about. It’s unwise to restrict the platforms you can reach.


Easy Editing for Video Channels. Videos can transmit messages effectively, but you still need the flexibility to change them out when they’ve exceeded their shelf life. In addition to changing out videos easily, auto-formatting for the smooth delivery of video products to all your web-based systems saves time and money.


Storage and Space Management. Images take up a lot of space. Make sure the CMS product offers enough storage and space in a CMS to store your inventory of images. Digital Asset Management products can be integrated into CMS products to enable contributors to organize, store, and insert images into galleries and website pages.


Training must be effective and affordable. Examine the details on cost and availability. Ask to review the training material. Check with previous customers on the effectiveness of the training they received.


Social Media Synch & Push. The power of social media for as a business resource is multiplying every year. Having a CMS that synchs your communications with social media allows contributors to post content from their primary site’s Cloud base to their organization’s Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest accounts. Bottom line: synchronize and save!


Check out all the licensing and “per seat” costs. Many popular products will have a flat rate for the licenses, but additional charges for the number of seats. If your organization is large, this can really drive up your total bill.


Configurable or Customized? Generic CMS products with hundreds of templates to select from can satisfy the requirements of many organizations. Keep in mind that configuring websites that require clients to rely heavily on the developer to update information creates a dependency that can result in unnecessary expenses. These generic CMS products MAY be less expensive than purchasing a built-from-scratch customized CMS or maybe not. Raven Solutions develops fully customized CMS products or can tailor and configure top-performing off-the-shelf CMS for your team. We can develop fully customized CMS affordably because we leverage our inventory of products that include essential features that were built by us.


Most CMS products will allow you to insert text, images, and videos. Be aware that generic CMS have strict parameters on file size and volume that need to be identified up front. Ensure you have the flexibility to use all messaging options to the extent that you need. Look ahead for your future needs along with current requirements. For expansion and growth, consider a fully customized CMS that might cost no more than a generic product. Raven Solutions CMS products permit personnel with no previous design or web developing experience to begin editing quickly. Our online training videos and “Live Help” options de-mystify any areas of concern that new contributors might otherwise have. Contact us if you’d like help acquiring the best solution for your organization.


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