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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Raven Solutions Web Services

Consumers are exposed to so much advertising across media lines that they have learned to filter out most generic communications. Audiences expect and demand more personalization through seamless, multi-channel options including desktops, mobile devices and digital imaging vehicles that complement social media choices. Communications systems must be agile enough to deliver messaging experiences with clear access to these options or become irrelevant.


Raven Solutions is a full-service digital agency at the intersection of creativity, media and technology. We work with our clients to leverage the full breadth of multi-channel capabilities, from branding and communications, to technology systems integration. Our ultimate objective is to help clients unlock new drivers of growth and gain competitive advantages through the seamless execution of innovative marketing strategies and technology solutions.


Our team develops, certifies, and delivers web-based systems including learning management products, websites, mobile applications, customized content management systems (CMS), PCI-compliant financial products, and reliable Internet security. Raven Solutions developers can write software code that meets each customer requirement.


In the paragraphs that follow, we offer a more detailed description of the security measures and key features of our products, as well as the internal controls that allow managers and educators to maximize full use of the Internet and multimedia communications. Ravens Solutions creates the complete package.


Platform Security


Many of our current customers are federal government agencies operating on the Amazon GovCloud. We certify websites to meet military accreditation requirements. In order to mitigate risks and potential threats to your web-based products, Raven Solutions’ platform provides options to operate in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, a trusted and secure environment, or we can load our applications onto your servers and tailor appropriate defenses to protect your website and associated applications. We develop PCI certified e-commerce and secure online banking products.


Raven Solutions’ Web Services- What we bring to the table


  • Unmatched customer service. We ensure all our developers are tuned-in to your requirements as we create the products that match your needs.
  • One of a kind design. We don’t have to rely on templates that someone else created, and we’re not limited to their product shortcomings. We design what you require and don’t try to sell you unnecessary services.
  • Easy to Use. Our CMS (webCentral) permits editing by your personnel with no previous design or web developing experience.
  • De-mystified training. Online webinars, video podcasts, and online help remove any challenges to understanding the process.
  • Clear processes for configuring privileges ensure that contributor access is limited to each editor’s area of responsibility.

Functional Tools- Unmatched Flexibility


  • Our CMS is part of a complete media infrastructure we can create to give you flexibility to communicate that can’t be matched by generic web design tools.
  • Enterprise Identity Service permits unified profiles for customers, allowing marketers to tag your site visitors’ preferences.
  • Analytics for targeted marketing used to determine usage and site activity. Grants the ability to track user activity at aggregate level or individual page visits.
  • Digital Asset Management: Ability to organize, store, and insert digital images into galleries and web pages. Video and digital image galleries run smoothly and provide almost unlimited options to showcase your products visually.
  • Users can interact with other customers and share experiences through social media via well-placed buttons, and generate more traffic to web pages.
  • Plug-ins to Apple and Google Play app stores guide users to your mobile apps, which provide mobile-friendly options to follow your activities.
  • We promote efficiency in your organization. Your marketing team can push properly formatted content to all your mobile devices and synchronize communications to social media accounts.
  • Class registrations, the ability to make and receive payments securely, and event scheduling are all processes that are built with safety, convenience, and quality.
  • To leverage the use of cellphones and tablets, mobile versions of your website will automatically optimize screens for easy viewing.
  • Capability to push/email newsletters, generate blogs and customer feedback. If we make your content cloud-based, it’s rolled into all media channels seamlessly.
  • Easy download access to forms and brochures.
  • Social Media Synch & Push- Contributors can post content from your web-based content directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.
  • Multi-channel content control through our CMS allows contributors to deliver correctly formatted content to the mobile devices when they add content your website.
  • Taxonomy management provides a convenient method of navigating, managing and searching through data or content classifications and their relationships.



The Raven Solutions team creates secure web experiences, capable of communicating with external and internal customers in a safe and secure environment. We develop web-based products that take full advantage of the most technically advanced and efficient means of organizing, editing, and communicating efficiently through social media, digital imaging and word power.


Our process is straightforward. Raven Solutions will evaluate your needs, research and apply best practices, and deliver products that manage your information based on the underlying data model. We create tools that strengthen your existing marketing and IT staffs. Our process doesn’t focus on program features, but rather on program requirements. What we build are more powerful communications vehicles to deliver information to your internal and external customers. The end result is an efficient web-based infrastructure for communicating with your past, current and future customers.



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