Founded in 2005, Raven Solutions specializes in the design, development and deployment of enterprise software applications, Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, content management systems, web information portals, mobile application development, clinical information systems and online training solutions.

The Raven Solutions team is comprised of skilled and experienced software development engineers, systems analysts and programmers with an average of more than 16 years of experience focused exclusively on technology strategy and business process improvement.

Raven Solutions combines the disciplines of business strategy, technology and user experience to solve business problems. We understand that technology alone doesn’t fix problems or accomplish business objectives. So we give our clients a real partner, not a sales pitch. We’re large enough to have expert knowledge and experience, yet small enough to be flexible, agile and responsive. Our products are scalable and responsive to local and enterprise needs ranging local to corporate.

Raven Solutions’ credentials and performance record have generated an unparalleled reputation for both quality development and value pricing that differentiates us from other competitors. Raven Solutions keeps high customer satisfaction in focus and on point in all the systems and products we create. We personalize our work because we’re proud of what we do. Raven Solutions teams are staffed with industry experts and consultants who engage only in their areas of expertise so they can deliver the goods every time.